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For 21 years, Kmart together with The Sallies are helping to make Christmas brighter for thousands of families in need.

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Who does the Appeal help?

The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal helps everyone. We receive a lot of gifts for children, but we also distribute gifts for everyone that might be having a hard time. Thanks to our Appeal partner The Sallies, everyone including adults and seniors are assisted by the Wishing Tree Appeal.

How did the Appeal get started?

The idea for the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal began in 1988 when an Adelaide team member in Australia suggested Kmart use its wide network of stores as gift collection points to assist charity groups at Christmas time. From there the Appeal grew and grew, and eventually became what it is today.

What have we accomplished?

The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal is New Zealand’s largest and longest running Christmas gift appeal. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Kiwis, the Appeal has raised over 420,000 gifts that have been distributed to those in need. In 2014, the Appeal successfully collected more than 41,000 gifts nationally.

How can you participate?

There are several different ways in which you can participate in the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal.

Give a Gift in store

With your gifts in tow, visit your nearest Kmart store and take a tag from the Wishing Tree. Using one end of the tag, indicate the age group and gender you think might like to receive your gift. All you need to do then is place the gift under the Wishing Tree. Don’t forget to take the other half of the tag to hang on your tree at home.

Alternatively, you can leave your gift/s at the Express Drop Off point located at the front of our stores. A representative from The Sallies will then collect the gifts from Kmart stores and oversee the distribution to those in need.

Gifts do not need to be purchased from Kmart; they can be purchased from any retailer, or can even be handmade. We are, however unable to accept used or second-hand goods.

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Contribute Online

Gift giving is a very important part of the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, but cash contributions are also required so that The Sallies can continue assisting people in need. As an alternative to contributing gifts is an online contribution which you can do through visiting our supporting charity partner’s website.

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Give as a group

If you are a group, school or business and would like to support the Wishing Tree Appeal, please register your interest by filling out the form in the link below.

Some fun ways you can get involved in the Appeal:

  • Put a charitable spin on your workplace or school Kris-Kringle or Secret Santa this year- instead of pulling each other’s names out of a hat you could each pull out a different age group and gender to buy for and put these gifts under your nearest Kmart Wishing Tree.
  • Hold a fundraiser such as a BBQ lunch for your workplace, and use the money raised to contribute to the appeal.
  • Be very generous and donate staff bonuses or team building money to those less fortunate.
  • Organise a bake sale or mini-fete with all the money raised going towards a donation to the Appeal.
  • If you require any additional information or have any queries, please call Amanda Finlay, Kmart NZ Head Office, Phone: +64 279 4409 Email:
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Give money in store

As an alternative to donating gifts, you can make a cash contribution at any Kmart Store.

  1. Grab a bauble from the Wishing Tree and scan it at the register to add a contribution to your transaction.
  2. Press the ‘Give’ button at the self-serve check out to add a contribution to the Appeal.
  3. Drop a coin at the coin box located at the registers.

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Wishing Tree for Kids

Are you looking for an opportunity to teach your children the importance of giving? Make the 2015 Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal part of your Christmas plans and come in store and share the joy of giving.