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Fun Activity PDFs

Easily download and print out our free PDFs for hours of fun…

A to Z Maze link

A to Z Maze

Can you get from A to Z?

Odd One Out link

Odd One Out

Circle what doesn’t belong.

Puzzle Play link

Puzzle Play

Solve the puzzle.

Count the Magic Snowflakes link

Count the Magic Snowflakes

How many do you see of each snowflake?

Spot the Difference link

Spot the Difference

There are 10 differences to spot.

Card Memory Game link

Card Memory Game

Can you find a match?

Phrase Code Puzzle link

Phrase Code Puzzle

Find the message.

Pick a Path link

Pick a Path

Choose the right path.

Find-a-Word link


Left or right, up or down.

Color Me In link

Color Me In

Have fun with coloring pens, pencils or crayons.

Outdoors Play Time link

Outdoors Play Time

Create a simple outdoor scavenger hunt in your own backyard.

Hands on fun link

Hands on Fun

Hours of fun with our dough and sand collections

Imagine Outdoors, Indoors! link

Imagine Outdoors, Indoors!

We’ve put together a checklist for the perfect indoor picnic.

Pretend Play All Day link

Pretend Play All Day

Bring imaginary cookies to life by baking real ones! Then serve them at your favourite wooden coffee shop.

Learning Gets Fun link

Learning Gets Fun

Develop kids’ spatial and strategic thinking by designing an obstacle course.

Crafternoon link


Make some glitter gift bags and share with your friends!

Build All Day link

Build All Day

Look no further for these simple and easy building games.

Write into Mindfulness link

Write into Mindfulness

Keep kids entertained by creating their own vision journal.

Competitive Family Fun link

Competitive Family Fun

Monopoly is celebrating its 85th Anniversary! Here are some tips and tricks to rule this family favourite.

Magic of Quiet Time link

Magic of Quiet Time

We’ve got instructions to make a beautiful origami bookmark for their next reading adventure!