People with disability

At Kmart we are committed to creating an accessible and inclusive environment for both our customers and team members.


Raising awareness for inclusion with our own brand dolls.

We’re committed to evolving and expanding our representation of diversity in our toys and dolls to reflect people of different ages, genders, ethnicities and abilities more accurately. Our dolls with Down syndrome are designed to encourage inclusion and diversity in our community while helping raise funds for Down Syndrome Australia.

Disability Employment and Representation at Kmart

  • Kmart provides every candidate with an opportunity to share whether they require workplace adjustments or adjustments to the recruitment process. You can contact us to let us know by emailing

  • We also partner with a range of Disability Employment Services to ensure we can support team members within their career from onboarding right throughout their journey. Some of our key partners include Mylestones Queensland, Edge Employment WA, Ability Options NSW and Matchworks in SA.

Meet Lachlan

Hear firsthand from Lachlan about his job search, what he does day to day within his role and his journey with autism:

Meet Jordan

Jordan is one of our Queensland store team members who has low vision. Find out from Jordan what it's like to work with us, how we support him in his role and what he thinks of our diverse doll range:

Meet Rachel

Rachel has been with Kmart for over 20 years. She has worked in-store and is now a valued member of the Kmart Central Planning Team in National Office. Rachel was diagnosed with meningococcal when she was just 18 years old which resulted in her losing both legs and six fingers. Rachel has a diverse career; she is a mum and a volunteer firefighter!

“Data integrity is everything. What I do within my role has a huge impact on both our internal and external customers experience. The better the insights, the easier it is for customers to find what they are looking for. It's this data-based decision making that drives me.”

Rachel-Merchandise Data Business Analyst at Kmart Australia Limited

Kmart’s designated quiet space shopping period

We have introduced a designated “Quiet Space” shopping period for shoppers who are, or have family member, on the autism spectrum.

A select number of Kmart stores will be providing a low-sensory shopping experience for customers with reduced noise, lighting and distractions.

The changes are designed to make life easier for Kmart customers who find it challenging to shop in a high-sensory environment.

During Kmart’s Quiet Space shopping periods:

  • Store lighting will be dimmed

  • Kmart radio will be turned down

  • Register and scanner volumes will be reduced to the lowest level

  • Trolley collections will be limited

  • There will be minimal cages on the shop floor

  • No PA announcements will be made, unless there is an emergency

  • More team members will be available to support customers

Kmart’s Commitment